Wild Wild Web3: Tezos crowdfund

The Story

A feature documentary following a subculture of defiant NFT artists and unlikely friends as they navigate a market crash, make and lose millions and create valuable communities along the way. As NFTs become increasingly mainstream, we explore what it takes to maintain a career in Web3.

Since Autumn 2021 and through the highs and lows of a market crash, we have built amazing relationships with our contributors and continue to capture their fates unfolding as they navigate the new world.

We are aiming to create a feature length documentary film. So far, we have filmed as a crew of two to keep costs as low as possible, and have carried out over 15 shoots as well as many more virtual recordings online.

It's no secret that filmmaking is expensive. So far, this project has been totally self funded since the autumn of 2021, but to make the best film possible and to honour and tell the stories well, we need your help!

You can find out more about the film at wildwildweb3.xyz. You can also donate using a credit card or Ethereum on our Fundsurfer crowdfunding page.

Any donations are gratefully received!

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